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Java/J2EE Programming

GUI Utils

These are a grab bag of utilities for creating user friendly GUI Java Applications.
!!NEW!! InputTipsManagerV1.3 lets you position input tips on JTable cells. See the javadocs for a code sample.

InputTipsManager: V1.3

This class lets you display a small message (similar to a tooltip) to the user when they enter an invalid input. It is usually used in conjunction with input validation.

Java provides input verifiers and other means of validating and restricting user input, but does not provide a convenient means of informing the user what type of input is acceptable. The InputTipsManager allows you to display dynamic input tips next to your text fields, combo boxes and JTable cells to give the user feedback on what is valid input when they make a mistake. This type of feedback is more subtle then a pop-up dialog box and more focused then line of text in an error bar.

InputTips are completely independent from the standard Java tooltips and can accept <HTML> to colour and format them.

To run the InputTipsManager Test Screen shown below use the following command from the command line
java -jar InputTipsManagerV1.3.jar
This screen illustrates the InputTipsManager's use with a number of input validation methods.

InputTipManager is free for commercial use, subject to this licence agreement. The source, classes and docs are available in a zip or tar file.

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